Wednesday, November 5, 2008


This little guy knew like 6 months ago...he was in love with Obama from the first time he saw him. He would clap when he came on tv, he would get excited when he talked or there was even a picture of him. But he somehow knew that this was going to be the man that would change the future of our country. And this morning, when we were watching the news, he got the biggest smile on his face when Obama appeared on the screen.

I think that he has found his buddy! And what a good one to have!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Feelings On Children

-Patience is a virtue! He is going through his "I can do what I want" seems like no matter what Andre or I say....he still wants to do it! No matter what...climibing the stairs (even actually going over the safety gate)...pulling on the blinds....touching the tv screen.

-No matter how bad your day is...when you get that little smile from them, you forget if only for a second, what you were upset about.

-Slobbery wet kisses are the best! -Little hands and arms hugging you are the 2nd best!

-Watching Leo "copy" Andre while he is putting on his cute!

-Seeing him sit in his "spot" while watching TV....even cuter!

My most favorite picture of all time!

This was taken in San Diego in August. It is my most favorite picture of these two.....EVER!

Marques Roosevelt Cannon *(coming Dec. 2008)

This is the "little guy"...well, he doesn't really feel so little anymore! It's crazy to think that Leo will be a big brother already! But you ask him where his brother is at and he will point to my belly and then he will come and give it "pat-pats" and a kiss. It is the cutest thing ever. He is the sweetest little guy and we just know that he will be so excited to have a little brother/built-in-buddy!